Estee Lauder Campaign leaves MAD speechless
Estée Lauder's 'Foundation for the Nation' programme launched in 2010 was created specifically to support MAD in its drive to provide education and related opportunities to academically talented youngsters.

On Saturday, 30th June 2012 Estée Lauder together with the MAD team visited three shopping centres nationally with the aim of securing as many Estée Lauder foundation sales or pledges to buy a foundation in order to raise funds towards tertiary education. The action took place in Woodlands Mall, Pretoria; Pavillion Mall, Durban and Canal Walk, Cape Town.

MAD Founding Chairman, Francois Pienaar was speechless when handed a donation cheque of R973 436 by Ronel Lategan, National Marketing Manager Estée Lauder. These funds were raised by Foundation sales in 2012 and is sufficient to support at least 3 more learners for 3 years’ tertiary studies. Since 2010, six young women have been given the opportunity to reach their full potential and embrace this wonderful opportunity.

Estée Lauder Brand General Manager Kerry Evans said, “Estée Lauder is delighted to, once again, partner with MAD. The event was not only well attended and supported, but it was such a fulfilling moment to see how many Estée Lauder customers believed that the future of South Africa lies in education and in creating future leaders which is a sentiment strongly believed by both Estée Lauder and The Make a Difference Foundation. The day was full of activities with radio support, presenters from East Coast Radio, Heart FM, Jacaranda 94.2 and Igagasi FM attended and endorsed the event. In 2011 we were able to raise over R600,000 towards the campaign and we were thrilled to have been able to increase that amount to over R900,000 in 2012."

The Estée Lauder team also had a very creative manner in which the campaign was integrated into something tangible for those who wanted to give. A pledge wall was set up in each location where customers could comment or commit to purchasing a Foundation to support the initiative. Many customers commented on the way in which they felt part of the campaign. Various comments such as ‘What a great idea!’ and ‘I want to give but do not always know how. Estée Lauder made it possible.’ was received. It was with excitement that each region watched their walls grow brick by brick! The MAD learners felt so proud to be part of the challenge and every time someone pledged, you could hear the cheers of the learners throughout the mall.

Estée Lauder, we are humbled and most grateful. Congratulations on the very professional and impressive Estée Lauder stand and activation in each city. Thank you to each and every Estée Lauder team member including Kerry, Ronel, Lulu and the makeup artists that worked endlessly on the day and made the Foundation for the Nation campaign come alive.

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Published on 2012/07/02 12:00:00 AM